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Ready to Rent is a 4-6-week tenant readiness course designed to help renters learn their rights and responsibilities in addition to helping those with rental barriers access housing. This innovative educational program is created with the assistance of landlords, housing providers, and curriculum specialists to give participants direction on the entire rental process and focuses on success for both landlords and tenants.

We launched our Certified Renters course on September 11th and will end the first cohort on October 16th.

In the class participants work closely with housing specialists and peers to:

  • Overcome Barriers to Rental Housing
  • Tenant responsibilities
  • Repair credit
  • Create a workable budget
  • Prioritize housing needs
  • Develop a housing search plan
  • Understand the application and rental process
  • Maintain appropriate housekeeping
  • Communicate effectively with landlords
  • Earn a Ready to-Rent Certificate of Completion which makes them a “Certified Renter”

For more information please reach out to:

Justin Francis, Landlord Liaison/Relocation Specialist