The thing that encouraged me is when Mrs. Odessa Walker said, “I, as the employer have a problem and I need a job filled. You as the one applying are the solution to my problem!”

—Lori Anderson
I’m going to use all my tools,
my God-given ability, and make
the best life I can with it.

—LeBron James
Your true success in life begins only when you make the commitment to become excellent at what you do.

—Brian Tracy
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Jennine Bradley

I feel like I’m in school again and look forward to the day of completion!! I decided to go back to school to get my GED. LDI has been exciting for me. Before LDI If someone was asked me about going back to school, I would have said, “Are you out of your mind?” school was the very last thing on my mind. But going back has been the best part of my life. Thank you, God, for putting LDI in my life!

Sammie Carter

I was very happy with retirement but all of a sudden I found myself doing nothing! I was bored and depressed, sleeping and watching TV and playing dominoes which wasted the whole day.

Mr. Marcus convinced me to try out LDI which would lead me to part-time employment. I feel empowered because I’m being educated, and wouldn’t you know….I went to a job fair and got a call to work again!!! Everything began to change while attending this class. I started helping residents in the high-rise I live in to keep their house very clean and also my attitude is better towards people.

Tamara Donald

Before I entered the RHA Lifeforce Development Institute, I couldn’t see past my depression and everything I lost. Not having a home or job kept me down; I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t get a job and continue to beat myself up about my situation. While in class it has lifted my spirits I learned new skills and refreshed all skills that I have. I have learned what it takes to promote and maintain positivity in the workplace how to conduct myself in an interview and what employers expect out of their employees.

Cheri Frykholm

I was a part-time home caregiver. Coming to LDI, I have learned skills which will carry over to a job or possibly a career. With LDI I have developed more confidence in myself.

Johnny Jones

Before I attended and completed the RHA Lifeforce Development Institute; my days consisted of what I thought was a healthy routine. I went walking all day and was in service to my family and friends. I did a lot of researching information that I FELT would take me to the next level in life. You would see me with headphones sometimes playing music other times watching an interview of my favorite entertainer. I had too much free time. This was a problem because I began to do more for others than myself. I was introduced to LDI by Roots & Wings Angelic Organic Gardens.

Attending LDI made me realize the problems at hand that was not helping me transform into who I wanted to be. I learned a lot about myself as well as decision-making and critical thinking and where I was stuck in life. LDI taught me a lot about communication, verbal and non-verbal, which all are important factors in the workplace now I feel I have tools I did not have before LDI. I’m able to make decisions and stick with it without going back. LDI has really benefitted me.

Dante McAfee

Before I started at LDI, I was just sitting around and not motivated. Not even motivated enough to get outside and do things. I sat at home all day.

Ms. Eunice convinced me to signup for RHA Lifeforce Development Institute. I learned a lot of things in LDI; it helped me to get up and get involved. LDI even helped me to go back to school to earn my high school diploma equivalency. LDI has educated me about what I need to do on the job how to be successful on the job. LDI helps me to problem solve. I participate more and communicate better. Thank you!

Calvin Redmond

Before LDI, I was pretty much at a standstill. I was waiting for time to past. Considering my past and, moving from Chicago to Rockford, I expected to meet some roadblocks from getting into the workforce and landing housing.

Coming to class has allowed my mind to shift from running a household to getting back into the workforce with people in the professional fields. Much has changed since I last attended a job readiness class. Being here has changed and refreshed my abilities to be effective in the workplace and daily living.

Damita Taylor Dryden

When I was told about the LDI class I was excited to know that there was a class to help me to get me a career change. Being on the job for 11 years I needed a new start. LDI information in this class is very useful for someone who is trying to get in the workforce. Highlights for me was the resume building and job fairs along with resources to start you off in preparing for a job. I know it will get better as I continue to put effort into finishing my goals.